What type of shipping do you use?

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    I am basically trying to sell phone accessories at a cheap cost. Instead of selling them bulk at wholesale price...I wanna sell them by unity and open the market to normal clients instead of middle men.

    For example iPhone cases for 1 or 2$. All of my products are located in Asia.

    Most of you know the shipping is pretty expensive from there. EMS charge around 23$ for anything below 0.10 kg.

    The other method of shipping would be with HKPOST and China Post, which cost between 1 to 3$. The problem with them is the shipping time and the risk (can be lost easily).

    Now this is what I want to know.

    For sellers -> Do you use HKpost or China Post? Does your item get lost most of the time? Any complaints?

    For buyers -> How do you feel regarding the purchase of an item at a cheap cost but the shipping can take 2 to 3 weeks?

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    HKpost or China Post?

    Any. They're both reliable enough for their price. The only problem is that the shipment takes two weeks and there is no proof of shipment available to buyers so expect some refunds on the way.
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    If these are being sold on ebay/amazon its a hastle. I tried to do this (but with a different item) as a rookie and so many people complained and gave me crud feedback because it came from China, it took forever, bla bla. But if you are going to do this through eBay/amazon/any website make sure you let them know that it is coming from China and will take 2 to 4 weeks for delivery.

    In my experience with Chinapost and HKpost it sucked. Some orders took over a month. Hope this helps
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    EMS is really expensive. have to use the standard shipping of your national postal service. i shipped a very light object using Philpost less than $10. For USPS, it is quite cheap also, depends on the weight. as long as its the standard regular shipping and not any special service.