What type of payout is this called?


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Mar 14, 2012
Ok so net 30 is where you get paid 30 days after the pay period ends? net 15 is where you get paid 15 days after the pay period ends? Is that correct?

And what is this one called:

Where if the the period starts on the 1st and ends on the 14th or 15th you get paid the day after the pay period ends.. so on the 15th/16th you would get paid. Do they have a special term for that or is that just ''bi-weekly" ?
Mid Monthly?
Bi Weekly?

I have no idea dude.
It could be bi-weekly with a net 14. You get paid for 14 days, 14 days after it was generated. Meaning, if you were getting paid for the 1st - 15th of May, you would get paid on the 1st on June. Basically a two week window.
It is 15/30 payout. A payout for every after 15 days of work. That is not Net15, it is more of a normal(labor) payout kind of style.

Here in the Philippines, most people are paid in that kind of payout type.

Like you work from June 1st to June 14th/15th and you get paid by June 15th/16th. Same goes from June 15th to June 29/30th and paid around June 29th or 30th.
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It's called bi-weekly net-1. It's not a pointless thread.
Whenever asking about a payment schedule, always ask net-what, because if you don't
you may be expecting to be paid on the 16th, but you may be really get paid on the 30th and claim that
the payment was late, when it was truly on time.
I've seen an advertiser payout Weekly net-45, which in my opinion is stupid.
But the payment schedule you're stating 1st - 15th paid out on the 16th/17th is Bi-weekly net-1.

So you know for future reference it gets broken down like this -
Payment Schedule | net- (days until payment)
Weekly net-7
Bi weekly net-15
Bi weekly net-7
Month net-20

Some of the most common payment forms
Weekly net-7
Bi weekly net-7
Bi weekly net-15
Monthly net-7
Monthly net-15
Monthly net-20
Monthly net-30

But whenever you're promoting an offer, always ask your AM what the payment schedule is, as sometimes certain offers have a specific payment schedule for that one offer.
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