What TOOLS and SERVICES do you use?

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    I just wondered what everyone uses and wanted to start a discussion
    about what you have had success with. I also wanted to give some
    tools a mention that I personally have used and the authors some
    exposure... not Afflinks of course!!!

    I don't really do blackhat,at the most just grey hat really. The thing that I
    have had the most success with is forum marketing and fake reviews, all
    done by hand, the old fashioned way oh and list building with a sales
    funnel and back end has worked ok as well.

    I don't claim to be an expert, but IMHO, Its all about the right niches,
    unearthing keywords with the right competition level. Then building the
    right processes to achieve your goals. Did I mention goals? Make
    small goals leading to long term goals... breaking everything into bite
    sized chunks e.g making things task based across multiple websites
    and not working on one site at a time (Thx Thomas (Meathead1234
    and Bryan (Bryanon 4 that!!!) ... resources permitting of course ....
    prioritization, KISS keep it nice and simple stupid .... Testing, testing

    I use the following resources:-

    For niche research
    amazon magazines, dummies books, ebay pulse
    "magic niche finder" tool from a BHW member on DNS List
    SENUKE... (Really Rocks!!!)
    Google insights for search,
    Google trends

    For KW Research
    Google keywords external, then use , keyword blueprint, Market Samurai,
    "magic niche finder"and Senuke for a second opinion for this)

    For Website building
    Wordpress (The King)
    Blogsense from WP member (had it since months but no time to use it!!!)
    Amember (membership site rocks)

    For video mktg
    Tubetoolbox - get it here (in DNS??)
    You tube Advertiser (This Rocks)

    For Facebook
    Face Wizard (havent used in a while)

    For Link building
    SERPAssist (I really really love it - so easy to use - all visual, but nuke is bigger badder and more flexible so I might ditch this)
    SEO Linkvine
    Sick Submitter (I don't use this but its worth a mention)
    bookmarkwiz (SENUKE renders this obsolete)
    bookmarkingdemon (SENUKE renders this obsolete)

    For Content
    Vitavee's Ultra Spinnable Articles / USA s - crazy stuff, gives you a
    effin helping hand, 2-3 trillion 80 - 100% unique spins (one a day
    $77 per month)

    For Advertising
    Plenty of fish
    Project wonderful

    For Services
    member jaerehan - facebook stuff
    member dheer - youtube accounts
    member Axelian - Really nice website designs
    member richman - good value website designs
    member Arbydee - great product
    member Bryanon / meathead1234 - really cool flipping product cool support
    member vitavee - great product - From 0 To Profits - (turned it around for me - I saw progress after following his advice and buying his stuff)

    I Would like
    Keywordrockstar costs like 2K :(! (I think)
    Bigger advertising budget
    Wife with bigger tits

    These above tools may be expensive, but can give you a massive
    advantage over joe warrior forum. You should be prepared to spend
    some to make some, thats how life works sometimes.

    I hope this is useful to someone somewhere.

    Your comments and suggestions are welcome... I know this is a very
    general post, but this is the lounge!

    Good luck and god bless,

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    Hey there...

    Considering using a combination of methods to improve my serps.
    I want to use
    • Samurai for KW research
    • Serpassist to start ping stuff out
    What are your thoughts on Xrumer?
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    Chair moistener.
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    Mar 25, 2010
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    I don't remember
    My (main) list:

    KW Search: MNF, MS occasionally, GShitWord Tool...
    Link Building: SB, SENuke, Various homebrewed custom tools
    Social Network: Fac3W1zard, Twitter my custom tools, TubeToolbox, CL custom bot
    Content: Magic Spinner+Submitter, Custom spinner+translation, AC, EZ, others.

    I used a few demo services in the past and have been extremely satisfied especially regarding YT visits. I'd definitely consider shopping again if I need external help again.