What to do with my Youtube/Twitter traffic?

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    So I have a few different Youtube accounts that receive regular amounts of traffic. Problem is I can't put ads on my most popular videos (it's a series, each video with 5k+ to 10k+ views) because I don't own the content, fortunately the licensing for the videos allows me to host them on Youtube and not get taken down. I also have about 700 subscribers on this account.

    I have few different Twitter accounts search a list of terms and link users using ****** to videos that I actually have ads on usually with the search term with a phrase from a text file like "hey i saw what you said about <term> check out <link> <relatedhashtag>".

    I have a few blogs that have ads on them that don't get very much traffic, but get a little bit. I was making like $2.50 some days, but now I'm only making between $0.33 and $0.55 if I don't run my twitter script.

    I guess what I'm wondering is based on what you've read, are there any more experienced adsense/twitter/Youtube people here that could help me make money off this traffic? Any advice or ideas? Am I going about this the right away?