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    Hey BHW! So I got pretty good KW that should be pretty easy to rank. I think about building web 2.0 for tier 1. Anyway, point is that I'm pretty much broke, got like $200 only and I think about writing content on my own, bescause obviously I don't have enough money for hiring writer. My question is how the hell you write 50-100 articles related to one niche and you get that each be unique? It's hard to explain, but okay, you write first article, second, third but after that you can write less and less unique things - it's harder to make article unique. Also, how would you rate my English? Bescause it's not my first language and I belive that could be a little problem. Also should I worry about writing content in paragraphs and formating it well? Please don't just tell: it will affect a lot if it won't.
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    Re-write them and spin those bad boys.
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    Go Hard Or Go Home
    If you don't know at 100% English don't write in English. English is not my first language and I'm writing articles in my spoken language. To write unique content the best ispiration is read articles/texts from other sites/blog and take ispiration. Take ispiration is not copy, only braistorming for you mind. In this way you can get fresh ideas and themes to write in your site.

    Select 2/3 blogs similar to yout niche and read them every day, after a week you can get natural creativity at work and you can write something original and unique. Then built your links and get traffic.
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    Don't worry, english is not my native language too (i'm french)....
    Just write and you will improve by yourself :)

    Unique content is not a problem as soon as you know how to get ideas...
    Just read blog from famous people in your niche... blog about what you 've learned.... be very specific of reach topic
    You can make reviews, compare product, teach something, share your experience....
    So there is a lots of possibility when writing a blog post....
    If you want more info, you can PM me... :)

    I personally use the 50 ideas in 30 minutes techniques... I've never ran out of ideas and all my blog post are unique ;)
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    Indeed, as the guys above suggested, if you want to do it, you can do it. It depends on your determination and ability to drive inspiration out of anything and everything.

    Reading is the best way to get to writing. But don't only read blogs, read books, classical literature, how-to guides, textbooks, research papers, news and all kinds of literature and copy. Brainstorm your blog posts. Don't just leave it till the very end, expecting that the inspiration for a killer article will come when you sit in front of the screen to write it. Map out your blog posts for at least a week ahead, better a month. Just yesterday I read this article on HubSpot "How to Think Up a Year's Worth of Blog Post Topics in an Hour" (you can google it). You need to be prepared and have a solid outline of an article before you sit down to write it.

    There are also many free courses online on journalism, creative writing, brainstorming and much much more. Sometimes best ideas come during conversations, so chat with your friends and like-minded people online and offline and always think of where to drive inspiration from. And yes, quality increases with practice, so just start.

    Indeed, it requires time to think and write, but if you want to do it, nothing should stop you, not the fact that English is your second language or an idea that producing unique high-quality content is only a prerogative of professional copywriters (because it's not).

    Good luck, mate!
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    re write them for sureeee
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    Content Writer
    Ya aunties crib
    forums in your niche are a good place to get ideas for content
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    Actually am a content writer at first. I too struggled and blinked like "how could I write loads of article in a single niche?". Later I became a content writer and I started to write 8 articles of around 4000 words/day.

    It is simple dude, try to start from two and increase it day by day. You will see the result in three days. Spin the articles that save your time, but it wont give result to your site like unique content. Spinning the article affects the readability of the content.
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    Wordpress will get the job for you in formatting
    About writing tons of articles here's my way
    1. Get keywords
    2. write 1k article out of 1 keyword

    Dont think about google when writing an article. Think about your traffic and customers and make them happy cause in the firstplace they will be your make or break. Google will just follow you if you ignore them and just work on your customers/readers
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    To get idea, read more on your niche.
    Forum is a good place to start.

    To make unique article, you can practice by writing more.
    You can write it and in different ways.
    Eg. Comparison articles, or articles with your own thoughts and views on that niche, etc.
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    For tier 1 links I am using only unique and human redable articles, so I am using couple of ways to get them,
    1) Translate it from another language and manually corect it
    2) Find some big books and documents on torrent sites around your niche and then convert it to txt format and use mass plagiat tool to check if there is any unique content, belive me you can find a lot of articles this way.
    4) Smoke joint, play a good music and write it yourself
    5) Use content gen. tools, like wordai and again double check it manually and rewrite couple of sentens.
    6) Hire writer