What To Ask For From a Software Developer (Or What to Code)

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    I am new to this site. However, I am an independent web developer and software developer. I noticed something about this website - the people are just a little bit too crazy.

    It's this crazy behaviour that is the reason social networking sites and people in general take steps to avoid the practices that are on this website. Twitter blocks aggressive following and unfollowing, Google has Panda, and there are plugins to skip advertisements from links such as ******.

    If you want to become successful, think like a human. Don't think like a spammer. People evolve. Learn programming, before you ask for a bot. Know what is possible when discussing bots.

    Someone wanted a YouTube bot that can view 100 videos at once, giving them 1,000,000 views a day. Short of hacking into YouTube itself, if this was doable, then it would have been done.

    It takes a lot of creativity, ingenuity, knowledge, persistence, and maturity to be successful. If you think like a spammer, and use words like "GUARANTEED" (Note the caps) or business lingo "We're a dedicated group of suit-wearers and we can help you to achieve a better semblance of histrionic and epistemic ephemeral et cetera of rice cakes", then be prepared for people to blow you off.

    Put this maturity into your requests for software and into your coding for software (If you're a programmer or are learning how to program). If you reach a problem, then think of it laterally. Come up with alternatives. Think of indirect ways to reach the same solution, even if it takes extra time, effort, or even investment.

    Also, learn how to trust or earn trust. The fact that I was able to sign in here and waltz into downloads, tactics, and what not without even so much as a post count check is rather embarrassing. What stops a Twitter employee from signing up on this forum? Not a damn thing.

    Above all, if someone makes a bot, then it has to be scalable with no drawbacks. There is no magic bot that will turn every member of this forum into a millionaire. If it was useful and new, then the aforementioned employee will know about it either from the over-zealous nature of the users (or even by coming on here and seeing people talk about it).

    Because of this, learn how to go for things that others are not going for. A mass-released "****** clicking bot" is not going to work. You're facing up against very intelligent programmers who know you're going to try it.

    Conclusion: Know what is doable. Think with cleverness. Think laterally. Learn. Think more. React. Adapt.
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    Agreed! Far too many people are going after tools that have been proven to work, unfortunately once people know about it they tend not to work as well.