What the piss do I blog about?

Discussion in 'Blogging' started by marcmarcmarcmarc, Aug 30, 2010.

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    Aug 20, 2010
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    I feel as though all the niches are filled. I'm at a total loss for how some people have 100+ blogs. Like hotboy1514 or whatever. 300 blogs that pull in ~$3/day. How did he ever find 300 things to blog about?

    I just considered starting a breast pump blog. It feels retarded.

    Any tips?
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    it doesnt have to be something insanely unique... don't feel retarded about any of your ideas. if you build that blog nicely enough you'll probably have a bunch of hits from pregnant/nursing women. and that's a good idea because not a lot of people would want to do that, and they'd just think it was retarded but in fact it's a good idea and you have a good target market for it. just keep thinking of things, that people will care about and PUT IT INTO ACTION. don't waste time doubting yourself. you might be really surprised with the outcomes you get.
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    are you looking long term or short term?

    If long term then it will be easier if it something you're interested in..

    as likeskoolaid said, just start putting everything into action..
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    There is no retarded ideas in my opinion. Taking action is a huge step. If you search for anything online, and I mean anything, you will get results. Almost every one of the sites in the first spot is making money some how. There are tons of ways to make money with a website, and I am not even going to go into that, but almost every site online is making money some how.

    All I am getting at is, you have to start somewhere, and if you are interested in that niche, go for it.

    Do you have micro niche finder? I like to use it for the brainstorming mode. It will give you some off the wall ideas. I don't follow the rules about which ones to go after, I like to go after the 10,000 plus monthly searches because they are a little more of a challenge, but they yield a better return in my opinion.

    If you don't have micro niche finder, just go to Google and type in the letter A, B, C, ETC. It will give you results for highly searched terms. When you find something that interests you, do a little keyword research and go from there.

    The hardest part is the first step. One last thing I will say is, if this is your first blog, make it about something that you are semi interested in. Something that you can build on for a long time.

    Good Luck.
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    >I feel as though all the niches are filled.

    You're probably not going to find much that has absolutely nothing out there. The questions you need to ask:

    Can I do it better than they do?

    Can I beat them at traffic/seo?

    If you're just getting started, make it about something you enjoy, are knowledgeable about, or want to be knowledgeable about. Once you figure out how to make things work, then you know what's needed on the less exciting stuff.
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    This is the moto of the internet, everything has been done.

    You just have to be able to do it better faster and cheaper and you'll come out on top
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    You might not find an untapped niche. But with some hard work and a plan, you can make your own place in a niche. Stay away from the ultra-competitive niches like make money online and forex. But pick some niches, find some keywords, take some action, and do the work. You might not end up at the top, but you will learn what works for you and what doesn't. Focus on what works and keep doing it.

    The biggest thing is to take some action. I sat around for months reading BHW and any other site I could find. It was information overload. Then I finally decided to just do something and see what happened. I decided to do autoblogs to start off with. I'm not up to $1/day yet, but two months in, I've got 14 sites and I'm seeing some adsense and amazon revenue. I've made some mistakes, but I've learned a lot in that time.
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    Without a doubt the best piece of advice on this forum, period. Preparation with no action is time wasted and lost.

    OP, you'll make mistakes and yes, you will have trouble finding niches that aren't completely saturated. Like others in this thread have mentioned, start with something... anything. Preferably something you have an interest in, no matter how obscure or odd. If you have a person interest in the subject you will likely put the required effort into it and actually make it happen. You'll learn things that you can take to any other genre, such as breast pumps.

    Good luck to you.
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    Most people who have 300+ blogs are autoblogging and ripping content via rss feeds so they aint even creating much content themselves, and they are monetizing the blogs with adsense,cpa,affiliate banners and whatever other stuff you can make money with.

    Just read some info on this forum about autoblogging; buy yourself a bulk load of domains and webspace for as cheap as possible; and start the process of making autoblogs.
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    Spend about a week doing tediously, tantalizingly painful Keyword Research - and Market Samurai will tell you the answer to your question.

    Or, find about 10 topics you're interested in, and outsource Keyword Research.

    You're right there stopping yourself from succeeding - you're building barriers and performing tasks is only now going to get harder and harder. Trust me, there are millions of niches that still have potential - it's all about hard work.

    Peter2002 made a great post about how your mentality has a massive effect on your ability to perform tasks.