what the F's the problem with MySpace?

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    hey startroopers...

    PROBLEM; No one seems to see the profiles I created?(over a week ago!)

    I tried opening a couple of "FEMALE" accts on myspace...
    did the confirmation, blah blah things seems ok...

    and it seemed that guys saw it initially, at least I think so
    because I got a few "ad me" requests during the first hour or so....
    then things seemed stopped? and NOT A SINGLE EMAIL!

    and when I logg off and go to the site myself and
    try to search for the profile I created by city age blah blah.....
    it doesn't show uP??? NO wonder guys can't find the profiles!!!!
    all the setting seem fine?????

    anyone know why it's behaving this way?

    I am not a major SM player but WTF!

    any help appreciated!


    ALSO it shows "beta" in the upper right hand corner and could not
    upload any other external "themes" (what a pain in the bassoo!!)
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