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What technology would better your relations with your writers?

Discussion in 'Copywriting & Sales Persuasion' started by SEOMADE, Jul 9, 2015.


    SEOMADE Newbie

    Jun 17, 2014
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    As a freelance writer, I have often noticed that there are many weak areas when working with clients. I think the most noticeable issues came up when working on the oDesk platform, where project collaboration features were almost non-existent. There are many softwares and tools that work better in that regard, but there are still many downfalls.

    What would you want to see developed to better your client-writer interactions?

    Personally...I have long awaited a platform built around website creation. We are a good 10 years into the bulk of the SEO game, and things aren't about to change. Websites still work with the same back-bone, and these projects still manage the same. Imagine a cookie-cutter, 'Bring The Fresh', system that made making websites easy. It could have an ADMIN interface, with separate levels of authority for different parts of the project...SEO manager, SEO techs, Writing Team manager, Writers, etc. It would work as a virtual office, files can get shared back and forth between team leaders, the entire team, company, etc., Maybe an offline version of the site could boot into the system, allowing for visualization of changes before work gets green-lighted. Add in chat, group chatrooms, etc. and a bunch of other features, heck the developer could profit further by implementing their own stuff like $5/mth subscription for their auto-submitter tool, $50/mth Ultimate packages with all tool subscriptions included, etc. Design, writing, SEO, should all be manageable under one platform!
  2. Brandon Williamson

    Brandon Williamson Registered Member

    Jul 7, 2015
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    Auburn Hills, Michigan, US
    I think a good project management app would really boost the relationship!
    A good platform would allow seamless communication and autonomy. Just work and communicate, lots of self-initiative, very few prompting and bugging. this would def improve the relationship between an employer and his/her writers!