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    Hello, i'm William, i'm 27 years old

    I started internet blogging with Adsense (Wrote lots of article ) and etc about 5 year ago, until now i've been happy with my passive side income per-month while working my full-time which i love. Right Now i have a target that i set my self..Learn more on how to optimize e cash from the Net.. so i can retired my full time job at 35's (probably i wont since i love my jobs) and larger passive income.

    Im eager to improve and soak a lots of knowledge that all you guys and Gals had shared here about marketing, business and techniques

    With all the Knowledge and tips that had been share from the Pros at BlackHatWorld Communities.

    I cant wait to triple my passive income to reached US$1000,00/month by this Mac. and US$2000 by June