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    I created a New Twitter Acct abt a month and a half ago and a Blog about 3 weeks ago. I was able to build the twitter to about 1200 followers with all original content getting rts, favs and alot of interaction from random people. I got a fiverr gig and stacked some people from addmefast, traffup, ************ on top of them. I got another fiverr gig to get my name out more. This has brought me some big name followers. I was wondering if i should get a gig for web traffic to help get more exposure to my blog which will also get twitter exposure or shoot for more followers. between pay to tweet sites already getting a little income i have not came out of pocket at all yet. What do you guys think is best?
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    first congrats for taking action.

    stay at one thing at a time and keep working on it. eventually if this works now it can be scaled up.

    focus on TARGETED traffic. even if its paid or free. adwords, facebook ads, tumblr? you name it.

    learn cpc. you wont regret it. its something that will always help if used correctly.
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    Personally, I wouldn't worry too much about the web traffic gigs, though I have found the press release gigs to be pretty awesome.

    From my experience, the 'buzz' you're creating with your Social media will help your PR which will in turn help your traffic. Keep doing what you are doing. Every time someone retweets something you post with a link to your site, it's syndicated out to hundreds of sites that monitor and archive twitter posts.

    If you keep this up for a few months and are having conversations with your followers, it'll pay off! If I were going to buy gigs, (and this is just my personal opinion) they would be forum sigs and press releases. Keep up the good work!
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