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    Hey, first of all I'd like to say thanks to the bhw community, thanks to you guys I'm actually making money for the first time in my life. I currently have a Fiverr gig that's doing very well. It's in the graphic design niche and it's becoming too much work for me to handle, I have school on weekdays and it's making things very hard for me. Each order takes 30 minutes - 1 hour to complete. I originally started the Fiverr gig in order to get some start up money for other projects, but now I want to outsource the work. The plan was to find someone to do it for $3 and I'd keep $1 but it's hard to find people to work for that cheap and many of them seem unreliable if I could find good people though I'd like to get more graphic related work from other sites and make more then just $1 per project. What should I do? Should I continue searching for people to outsource the work to and try to build a small network of people that can do all the work for me or should I just stop the Fiverr gig and put all my energy towards something else? I'm afraid that if I stop the Fiverr gig I will lose the search spot I have for it and if my other project doesn't work out I'll be left with no money and have to start over. I'd consider selling the Fiverr account but you can only link one PayPal account with each Fiverr account apparently. What should I do? Thanks.
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