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What should I do? I lost everything to a fire breathing dragon.

Discussion in 'Making Money' started by TheLoneSynchro, Sep 4, 2014.

  1. TheLoneSynchro

    TheLoneSynchro Regular Member

    Sep 13, 2013
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    I'm in quite a bit of a pickle guys. My family and myself were attacked by a giant fire breathing dragon. It destroyed everything. All of our clothing, furniture, and electronics were destroyed by the flames. I managed to escape; however unfortunately my little brother did not.. When the rescue team went back to see if anything was recoverable, all that was left was one of his limbs, which could not be identified due to the amount of scorching that occurred. BlackHatWorld... I know that some of you have all these great secrets... and I really need help to earn money fast online. Every penny will go towards his tombstone which will have a dragon-slayer sculpted into it...


    Okay, no but seriously.

    I'm not really trying to make a lot of money, or generate a passive income. I already have an "Okay" passive income from YouTube. It's only around $15/mo but it's better than nothing. I'm more or less looking for a job. I've got some fairly bad social disorders, so I don't like to be out in public, but I'm doing everything I can to get done with what I need to. I'm currently taking 21 hours in a college (online) going for my AAS in Computer Programming. I've been on freelancer for awhile, but I can't seem to get any of the bids. I've taken the HTML test so I could get some Web-Dev jobs, but I guess it was a waste of money. I've tried Fiverr, but I'm not going to "Build you a website for $5" to hell with all of that.

    I'm looking for ways (Guaranteed) to make some money, by working my ass off. I've applied to almost every online help-desk that I've come across to become a Customer Support Agent, and I've even offered numerous people to write technology related articles, but I've never really been accepted. I'm not really attempting to make this message look grammatically correct, because I'm tired and most people couldn't care less, but I've passed all of my classes with flying colors. My GPA is currently a 3.9 in College. All technical classes.

    I don't care what it is:
    • Writing
    • Reviewing
    • Demonstrating
    • Selling Things ( Not over the phone, or door to door )
    • Administrating
    • Database Management
    • Webmastering
    • Programming

    I'm just looking for something to do so I don't have to worry about eating something every-night, because this sh*t is getting rough.
  2. Ali_Moslehi

    Ali_Moslehi Registered Member

    Apr 21, 2013
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    blogger, author, speaker, programmer and linux lov
    Home Page:
    1. there is not any secret or magic trick to grow money from tree
    2. find your way
    3. research and write your business plan
    4. check your business plan
    5. start with effort and don't think about short time! short time for gamblers
    6. effort is the successful key
  3. BreaknBrix

    BreaknBrix Power Member

    Mar 25, 2014
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    NE US
    You do sound sharp I'll give you that.

    The problem is, sharing secrets isn't going to help you. I can tell you straight out 80% of my income comes from local lead gen sites. I create sites, rank them, then broker the traffic to local businesses for anywhere between 6-14% commissions. And I started off just ranking geo-targeted youtube videos. I didn't even have a site back then.

    The traffic is low but the profit margins are high. And it requires you to sell over video. I don't actually appear in most the videos I just do solid voice over work with good scripts.

    Then 20% of my income comes from Clickbank + youtube videos.

    When I first got into IM, in less than 2 months I was able to make $4k / month just by selling web design. It would take a while to explain the full process. But I basically generated all the leads myself, learned wordpress, and made some killer sites. Pretty soon I was scheduling people 6 weeks in advance.

    So there are A LOT of ways to make money. The more passive methods generally take a lot more work up front. And the unfortunate truth is those methods take quite a bit of time to learn. I view it like becoming a mechanic. You have to learn where all the pieces are, how they work, what they do, etc. And if the system isn't pieced together the right way, if 1 thing is off it can destroy conversions.

    I wish I could help man but the issue is I don't really know what to tell you. All I can tell you is what is working for me. It's not like I can train you. And I wouldn't recommend coaches either cause I don't trust 90% of them.

    You just have to open your mind and realize that there is money literally everywhere. I came into IM with a mindset of abundance. I was basically brainwashed by Frank Kern videos but he turned out to be right. Money is everywhere. And there is LOTS of it. All it really takes to get a piece for yourself is to "get to work, grow some balls, and stop being a pussy". That's straight out of Frank Kerns mouth.

    His youtube videos are the real reason I got into IM. I told myself "if this silly ass mfkr can make money online so can I". I took his advice, got to work, and that's all it really takes.

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  4. pxoxrxn

    pxoxrxn Supreme Member

    Dec 21, 2011
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    Goon a quest to hunt the dragon down.
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  5. rabbitking

    rabbitking Elite Member

    Sep 24, 2013
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    Consider diving into the world of SEO. If you can learn how to direct traffic to a website then
    the opportunities are endless.

  6. xmaker1

    xmaker1 Newbie

    Apr 5, 2014
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    amazon mechanical turk. Endless work, 3-5$/hr, has porn jobs (decent money if you can avoid fappings) Me and my wife were banned for "not being you" and they fucking drained my account of around 100 hours of work so keep your tank emptied out.
  7. ricardo78

    ricardo78 Registered Member

    Jun 25, 2014
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    Hi, I love your reference to Frank Kerns. I understand that it is a very detailed process, but could you give a rough outline about the below points?

    How does the brokering part work in practice, do you provide advertising platform to the local businesses? Is it a rather a landing page for your affiliate link? How do you track your leads and commission? (KPI)

    how did you use geo targeted youtube videos for your system?

    Do the above 2 information relate to the same operation?

    How did you generate your leads? How much effort did you put into making the templates, were these free templates with a minimal customization or you built them from scratch? If the former, do you think that could still work today? Did you build in web shops, payment handling, everything?

    Thank you for your advice!
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  8. LostConnection

    LostConnection Senior Member

    Jul 20, 2014
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    Grinding away in the night
    First thought you were the OP begging for more details, but :D Read through BHW, most of that stuff can be figure out from many threads. But the thing about making money with IM is that if you share something to a point, it will become saturated and not profitable anymore. You really need to figure out ways to create twists on the methods, to make you bank harder.

    To OP, I sell SEO & copywriting services through the company I set up with a friend at the university. It's not as bad a time to start a business as some people think, as you have a lot of knowledge at your disposal just by asking the professors or the university's career/advice center or what ever it is called at your school. I had great help in the legal side of setting up a company, and then the accounting/bookkeeping side from two of my own professors. They really can help you out.

    You say you can do webdesign/programming?

    Start a business that does just that. Maybe find a friend to do it with. Then just get the stuff together and find local shops/services that don't have websites, but you think would need one, and go and introduce yourself and tell them why you think they would need one. Create a portfolio of your work and give it to the client in a folder so that 'they can keep it'. This makes them think about it even after you've left, if they don't take the bait at first. And don't offer to work for free or undercut your own pricing. Firstly, the more expensive the service, the better it seems to a consumers eyes. Clothes are a good example of this. But everything within the limits of sens naturally, nobody will pay you 5000$ for a logo. But if you decide to cut your prices, you will find the worst clients and your profit margin will be way lower than it could or even should be.

    Not a get rich quick method, but it works. Many threads here with more or less the same stuff, just a longer post.
  9. ricardo78

    ricardo78 Registered Member

    Jun 25, 2014
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    Based on the topics I touched my questions were fairly informed for a beginner, you should have seen that. I have read a TON of stuff, my problem is exactly that: information overload, so certainly I do not deserve your condescending tone.
    There are no real clues whatsoever what is still relevant and what is obsolote, here on BHW you will find as many people who will advocate till they die that unique content is the shit and you will bomb if you use copies, as who will say gsa+scrapebox is all you need. I don't want you to decide between these 2 that was just an example. I'm just saying, I asked some specifics, which wouldn't hurt your business or niche, and they were more like decision making questions and not "I don't know jack" type of questions.
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