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    Hello BlackHatWorld, I've been visiting this site on and off for the last few months and am finally ready to start my IM career! I've noticed many people saying that one of the problems with starting IM is that people read eBooks and videos and whatnot but don't take any action, so here I am, taking action!

    I know the basics of IM from reading many threads on here and have already started several methods to start earning some cash.
    But first this is what I've got so far;

    • An Ultimate Web Hosting Package from 123-reg (Had this a few months)
    • 3 Domains for various websites
    • Made a squeeze page
    • Created an Awebber account
    • Got all the Google accounts ready (AdSense, AdWords, Analytics, Webmaster Tools, Blogger)
    • PayPal, ClickBank and MoneyBooker accounts are set up
    • Freelancer account (Made $150 for a program the other day :p)
    • and social accounts (Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest)

    I've seen several methods that I'm either in the process of doing or will hopefully be doing soon. These are
    Creating a email list from a squeeze page where I'm giving away a free youtube downloader that I created a few days ago. I've seen mixed opinions about email lists that last few days, some are saying they are near enough useless at the moment, but other people are saying they are still a good IM tactic, should I carry on with this?

    I've made a Pinterest account and have copied a strategy that I read about yesterday which is to go onto the popular page, download all the images, make a blog, post all the images to the blog and then pin all the posts back onto Pinterest, from doing 50 images I got around 36 UV back to the blog where I added AdSense but had no clicks on the ads yet. These have been up for the last couple hours.

    Another method I want to try is creating multiple twitter accounts, getting a lot of followers and then direct messaging people and tweeting links to several affiliate products or related blogs. Would this be a good idea?
    Similar thing with Instagram too, but I will need the XGram bot and currently don't have 97 dollars to spend at the moment! :(

    I've heard of these CPA networks and heard many good things about them, how would I go about getting into one? Would it be worth getting into a CPA network?

    Has anyone got any good advice for me to start my IM journey?

    Ps. I can't PM anyone back yet, don't have enough posts!
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    Email list - Make sure you are sending out quality offers that your niche would actually be interested in. Too much junk or unrelated products will shrink your list and lower conversions dramatically.

    Pinterest - I have tried the same method with the same results. Pinterest has changed their algorithm since that guide was written so it is much more difficult to get massive UV's using that method. However Pinterest is still an excellent source of traffic.

    Twitter - As long as what you are doing won't get you suspended, then twitter is also a great source of traffic!

    Cpa Networks - Lots of them are easy to get into. Just explain what methods you will be using to drive traffic and give them your info. If you decide to use blackhat methods then I suggest refraining from revealing such information as I imagine being banned from an entire cpa network is no fun. There are many guides on here on how to get started with that.

    Remember, try a few things, see what works and what doesn't, adjust your approach, and keep constantly improving every day no matter what. Good luck with your journey into IM!
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    lots and lots of twitter accounts if your going to use twitter.
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    Unless you want to sell your own product, funnel your own leads, or monetize your landers with adsense then I would recommend joining a network such as affillion, advert marketing, or ads4dough. These are all trustable networks in my book that have a nice assortment of quality offers. Mobile traffic is big right now, thats what I love instagram for.

    Simply create a mobile lander for a relative niche according to http://quantcast.com/instagram.com and send to a simple email opt-in / sms lander and drive the traffic home (paid, or bot generated) ... you then are not just collecting 1 lead, but the potential to generate several leads from that email + SMS optin. ;)
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    The best advice I could offer you is to pick one thing and master it. You're all over the place right now. You absolutely shouldn' have so many different accounts. The people who make money in this industry are the people who really know one traffic source and one monetization method forward and backwards. Only once you master one thing should you move on to the next.

    So, if you want to do media buys to CPA offers, do it, but drop the Pinterest, drop the Twitter, drop the blogger account. If you want to be a successful blogger, do it, but drop the AdWords account. Seriously, do yourself a favor and stop studying all these different methods. Pick one of the big methods that work and use it exclusively for a few months. Learn everything you can about it and make it work. Stop jumping around.
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    I completely agree with his statement.Before you start expanding into different parts to bring in traffic , cover first some bases throughly. There are just so many ways to bring traffic to your money site, it would take threads to list all of them.

    But the main ones that most people do here are :SEO, Social Media/Networks traffic(twitter,fb,yt,etc),media buy etc

    Now if your going to do Social Media/Networks traffic make sure you pick one of those giant sites and stick with it, master it and get as much traffic as you can from it. Trust me youtube,fb,pinterest,instagram is enough in terms of traffic to satisfy your needs.

    The beauty about these Social Network sites is that you only need accounts and ips, and a bot for efficiency. Stick to one thing instead of trying to cover all the bases. The interwebs is humongous for a newbie to try to take over everything, is better to be efficient at one thing than to suck at all of them.
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    Local SEOist
    TEXAS (you have to yell, its the law.)
    I disagree on part of that statement, learn to drive traffic at will, and you can own the world. If you are only going to learn one thing, learn to drive traffic. Endless traffic trumps everything, even lousy conversion rates.
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    One thing I really recommend is using mindmapping software such as mindmanager or any todo type program to really plan out and map out your method, I can't even begin to describe the amount of value this has added for me.