What script I need to run a online seo service ?

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    as I mentioned.if I want to run a online seo service.maybe I need to hire three guys.
    one would be assigned to customer chatting..email processing...forum mail checking..order approval
    another guy would do the main seo work like the use of scrapbox. xtrumer.article submission...etc
    the third guy check the amount of live link based on 2rd's work,then create the final report and send to customer.
    the three guys collaborate in the workflow.

    Is there such online script that fit my need?
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    1. If you're on a budget then you could start off using something like:
    Microsoft Excel or Project (for project tracking) and Outlook/Skype/Phone for communication.

    2. For more advanced projects:
    * All workers/contractors use Clockze (a time tracking tool)
    * 37 signal suites (Backpackit for graphics/developers, Basecamp for client participation and Highrise for vendor management)
    * Active Collab (project management & collaboration tool)
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