What scam have you almost fell for.

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    When I lived in the great lakes there was this company that sold water filters. E-Products and there were a lot of people there at the meeting nodding heads agreeing, hearing everyones "personal story" come to find out some of the people were paid to be there and lie about the success they had been having. Now this was in the 90's and so I did the math of how long it would take me to move product on avg and make my money back and then profit. It would have taken 2 years. My first intro to multi-level marketing

    So I called a few of my friends whom fronted as apartment complex developers and that they were friends of the family to find out whom the suppliers were to these products that were made in America. They gave them the line, hazard material sheets and product designer. These guys were so blind by the idea of the money they gave them everything.

    Products made in china, the water filters were bottom of the line telling people they were top quality with stickers. Really can you tell the difference in the water filters, they kinda look all the same.

    Handed everything over to the local newspaper whom sat on it and I never heard anything until one Sunday morning I was woke by my family calling said my name on front page as the investigator. 18, I was not happy but the guys were run out of town.

    Too good to be true, there is always a twist.