What recording software should I use?


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Mar 26, 2018
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I have a question about the best recording software for what I need.

The situation is like this:
I work from home and once a day I have to attend a Teams meeting with my team colleagues. I am fairly new in my company and have to learn things quickly. I could learn a lot from the team meetings but I can't officially record them. I know that Teams software would be great to record the meetings but, as I said, I can't use it for that purpose.

I need software that would:
- record the screen with audio
- record my voice (I use headphones)

I don't need to edit the recording because it is just for me to listen to it again to learn things that are new to me.

Do you have any ideas about what software would do that?
Thanks a lot, I'll try both to see which is better.
OBS without any doubt, easy to use, produce the best quality...

Camtasia for starters and Sony Vegas after a while for editing...
I know you don't need it OP but just in any case, if someone check this so they know...
Thanks for all your suggestions but can these software programs record the screen with audio AND my voice from my microphone at the same time? Because I obviously participate in the meetings and I want my voice to be recorded as well.
I use screencastify It records screen and audio and also allows you to draw on the screen. It works on your Google chrome browser as an extension and saves straight to your Google drive, you can also download the recorded video as an mp4. The free version allows only 5 mins but u can record as many as possible. You will need to upgrade if you want higher screen record time.

Another one I use is OBS, which is a free desktop software and you can use it to record as long as possible.
Are you on Windows 10?

Try pressing Win key + G. Win 10 comes with inbuilt screen recorder with sound recording capability. Never tried recording team meetings with it though.
Thanks a lot, I'll try both to see which is better.
If want to stream + record the screen i would use OBS it is free and 100times better than bandicam..i used it for a lot of youtube videos, to record different screens at the same time, to get different audio files, or whole videos when ssyoutube was down.+

EDIT: And it is user friendly!
I use Flashback Express, don't have experience with anything else.
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