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    Right, so I finally finish my last post on my first website ever. I got to the first page in about a week and it's earned me about $40 in these first 2 weeks but my conversion rate is 0.74% against a global 1.22%. It's a 1,000 exact monthly searches keyword ranking around #3 to #8 place. It's a review, affiliate type site and in the last week I decided to add adsense which has earned me some pathetic 40 cents in about a week. I get around 200 visitors according to google analitycs but only 10% of that comes from searches, the rest is referrals.

    So WHAT NOW?!!

    Should I improve my conversion rate? should I try advertising something else?
    How much should I be making from this keyword?
    Should I try to rank higher? or is this site pretty much done?
    Should I start looking for a new keyword and building a new site?

    What would you guys say is the next step for me?

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    dude the background is black and you used black font, at first I was like wtf :baby:

    I am quoting for ya.