What NOT to do when targeting prospects

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    Received a request on our website late last night from an individual that checked off they were interested in SEO services and they wrote a long bs message stating that they are very interested in our service...blah...blah...

    The red flag: their email was from a SEO company - the guy was such a rookie. And his contact number was his work number. A quick 3 seconds on Google proved this.

    So, after reading his long iwnded bullshit message stating how he really needs help with his site I decided to call the clown.

    Anyway, he was trying to sell/rent guest posts.

    Now, if he just wrote that in the inquiry then I would have called and given him a few minutes to explain what he had. The fact that he wrote this completely fabricated story in order to get a phone call pisses me off and I cut him off right away and ended the call.

    LESSON: don't try to "trick" anyone into calling you. In this case I knew ahead of time that it was BS - and the fact alone had me clip the guy before he could talk. Nothing pisses off business owners more than feeling like the person soliciting them tried to dupe them.

    So...be honest and don't use bush league tactics to get a phone call back...chances are it will not end well.
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    I like your posts. (A little off thread.) Just saying :D

    And yes, I believe that we are have to be honest to be really successful. Just because we are building solid businesses here.
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    You should have told him you need tickets to a game, any game, just to bust his chops!