What marketing channel should I use?


Aug 20, 2017
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I'm selling VPN accounts from years, but lately the rules changed in my country I can't sell offline anymore, So these days I'm searching around to find new market a small niche that no one before reach it.

I have two strategies:
  • The first one to be away from big companies "because I can't compete with the price".
  • The Second is to focus on people that doesn't know what VPN is; only these people from my opinion will buy in this price without searching around to find the best price.
I have two channels here:
  • To put my advertise on google adwords, but if you think in that only people who know what VPN is will find me, and people who know what VPN is will know how to find a better price.
  • To put my advertise on facebook, and try to be away from others.
My problem is: I tired facebook ads for a week, I tired different kind of words and different kind of ways, there is no selling at all! the audience is too big, I pay a lot to reach people who interesting to buy something to protect them! Am I using the wrong channel for my service?!


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Jan 3, 2017
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Try to think out of the box about the advantage of VPN. For example, the services that target their VPN for online movie streaming without getting the email from Comcast about copyright alerts (that literally means shit, but people still scared of it).
I would try to make an ad of "the GOVERNMENT is looking at you right now! Use a PRIVATE network to protect YOUR PRIVACY!!1111" or something that screams stupid people click here.

Not sure about Instagram ad pricing, but if it's not too much, I think that can be a good audience for you... Facebook doesn't offer a Pay-Per-Click option?