What makes your posts really valuable

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    Well just wanted to share some tips :p and you guys share tips too :p , Let's get BHW to the top, I've seen admins/mods trying to get BHW on the top lately, and asking for ppl to support back :)

    Well let's just start off with "whats makes your post valuable" shall we ?

    -If you are making a guide (for money making or whatever) , include numberings/bullet points for each step
    -Images help a lot , so make sure to include them in complicated stuff
    -Giving your OWN opinion on the product/image/item etc
    -Provide tips and reviews on the item/product, if you are reply to a HOW TO MAKE MONEY METHOD then providing some tips on how to earn more with it, is valuable ;)
    -While making a thread, don't offend other people's threads (ie if you are making a thread about how to make $100 daily, don't say "username's post was shit! use my" , and I've seen about 2-3 people doing this, but they removed it, or admin/mod have.

    ps dont think there was a thread like this before! I tried searching. sry if there was