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    I wanna get into ORM, but I am still trying to piece together the entirety of what they do. I'm good with seo and web design, etc. But I am wondering what are the things that a top ORM guy would do for his clients? So far I see:

    • Neg Rep SERP Supression (get rid of ripoffreports, etc on Google by burying them under SM properties, secondary websites, etc)
    • Positive-Pro Activ Rep Increase (Build SM properties, secondary websites, and trying to get more good reviews)
    • Building a Review funnel for them
    • Giving them tips to use in their own business to be more review pro-active; ie hand out flyers asking for reviews/ratings, etc)
    • Creating More Brand Awareness -- again similar to all the other points but HQ youtube videos that actually inform the masses about their brand, etc

    Is there anything else I am missing here that a good RM guy would do? I dont wanna half azz this is when I go forward with it.
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    What makes a good ORM: Results.
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    I think you are on the right track and you have a solid foundation already, which is great.

    ORM can be pretty tough depending on what results you are trying to suppress. In the campaigns that I work on for my clients, I typically view it as a two part process of creating new, positive content as well as promoting that positive sites that are already ranking. Here is a brief overview of how you can get some improvements in the results:

    1. Work with your client to advise them on social media, blogging, etc. so that they can start consistently tweeting and being active online. Getting them to help will help you achieve faster results.
    2. See if your client already has some sites you can leverage. If the CEO has negativity, work with their webmaster to build out a page that profile's the CEO. You can piggy back off the domain authority of their website to create a brand new result that should rank well.
    3. Identify which sites are OK to promote in the results with your client. You will want to HIT THIS HARD with links. As long as it isn't negative, I don't care what I'm promoting. I often hear my clients sometimes say "well, that isn't my twitter account, can't we promote mine stead?" I then respond with "I'm going to bury your negative content as quickly as possible and as long as it is positive, we're going to promote it. This is our quickest route to take." Once you break it down for them and that this is your lowest hanging fruit, they will be on board.
    4. I blast all of the positive results with a mixture of links. Throw shit at the wall and see what sticks! The main thing here is to be experimenting with lots of different link sources to see what works and what doesn't.
    5. While my links building effort is in full force, I then start building out new positive asset sites. Knowem.com and other services are good for this if you need to scale. Throw some unique bios up there in order to help get those ranking. Add more links, then repeat.
    6. Now I'll check in on my links to see how they are doing with our first round of promotion and see how they are performing. Keep hitting it hard!
    7. Start backlinking your new positive asset sites that you created. The ones that start to show movement, you can add more content to and keep the momentum going.

    There is a lot more that I do for my clients, but this should hopefully give you some extra pointers. Depending on the competition for your results, it can be tough, but hang in there. Keep watching what is working and adjust accordingly and you should be well on your way. Good luck!
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    You can't beat what Andrew said, hands down the most important thing in ORM is results. If you can't get results, you won't be able to make any clients happy.
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    Pretty good post. While taking a look at your site I noticed you guys have a ROR on result #5 (saw you do ppc ads for your own site), what are you doing to push that down (ironic that an ORM company that helps with this is featured on there)? Almost like a live case study.
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    You are working with right steps.
    You don't need to worry and keep going on. It's the right way.
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    Results for sure. Self-reflexivity is also key - reflect on the strengths/weaknesses of your process OFTEN, either by yourself, or by contacting old clients for feedback. Consider their concerns and try to address them moving forward. ORM should be proactive, not reactive.