What kind of spam filter does wordpress have?

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    I have been manually commenting on a lot of wordpress based blogs.
    The kind of blogs that has name, email, address field. I put a legit sounding name in the name field, a real email address in the email field, and my website in the website field. My comment is not generic, it is 100% legit, at least 3 lines, and related to the blog.

    When I click submit, it says the comment is being moderated.

    However, nothing ever gets approved. out of 100 that I have done, not one has been approved.

    I wonder why?

    I am using a private proxy. My theory is that there is some kind of a spam filter in wordpress and my comments are ending up in the "spam folder" because of the dirty ip address. since it's in the spam folder, the website owner never sees my comment and probably deletes mine with 100s of other spam comments in there.

    Is there such a "spam folder" in the admin section of wordpress blogs?

    What do you think is causing my low approval rate?
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    Did you leave any links on the comment section? If you do, high chance your comments get sent straight to the spam folder.

    Try to warm up first before posting any links, set up gravatar for your email so it looks like a real person is also a good idea.
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    Your theory is correct.

    WordPress comes preinstalled with the Akismet spam filter. Even though you are posting to different sites, Akismet can see all your comments, and is sending them to the spam folder.