What is your view on my affiliate method? Any advice welcome!

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    Hello fellow BHW members!

    I am brand new to this forum and internet marketing, and I want to ask a few quick questions to see your opinions on my method. I have searched all across the forum for the last few days to see what the best methods are, so why not combine several into one ?

    For the sake of explanation, I will be using a random clickbank item, perhaps an ebook that helps stop snoring. NoteI will be using the following method on 5-7 different products at a time, so the rise/repeat method is in effect)

    For said product, a snoring ebook aid, I would purchase a microniche keyword enriched domain name and create a small, yet effective, 5-10 page website. In this website would be unique and usefull tips on how to stop snoring or other related topics in the niche (With ofcourse microniche keywords in the articles/pages). I would start a small 25-30$ adwords camp. for the niche site(Also adding any profits into adwords for the first 6 months). I would also write a product review for the clickbank product, and create a daily newsletter for site.

    I would like to "Rinse and repeat" this method on several sites within the first month, and continue to write pages and create backlinks to the sites. What I would really like doing though, is sell the website after the first year on a site such as Flippa.

    1. What is your view on this method? Have you used a similar method like this before?

    2. What is your favorite way to gain backlinks?

    3. Are there any website creator programs that you would suggest for a newbie?

    4. What is your favorite keyword search program?

    5. How do you calculate the worth of a site? Do you have experience with Flippa, or do you suggest another site?

    Thanks so much for reading and answering my questions! If you have any other advice/responses (Negative or positive) please say below.

    Much thanks,

    Note: This was on the clickbank forum, but it doesn't get as much traffic as the general affiliate forum.
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