What is WAMP in plain English?

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    Hai guys,

    I wanted to download the Traffic Travis v4 from here
    But as per OP's instruction, we need to install WAMP to our computer.

    Ok i might not have the knowledge in computer especially the technical part.
    But i have been formatted my PC few times because i lost some system files.

    Can any Expert here share with me in Plain English what does WAMP do?
    Is it similar like VM where we run a software in a Virtual Machine?
    What will be the pro's and con's to our window system.

    All your advice are highly appreciated.

    Thanks :)
  2. Rob Whisonant

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    Feb 25, 2011
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    It let's you run a web server on your local computer.

    Windows - Apache - mySQL - PHP
  3. sala81

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    It's like what Rob explained. You can download it here

    I personally haven't tried WAMP but I'm using XAMPP which is a similar progam. You can download XAMPP here

    If you followed the instruction in that Traffic Travis thread, you'll find that you need to add this following lines to your hosts file :
    Code: traffictravis.com www.traffictravis.com
    This is where you need WAMP. This code "changes" traffictravis.com ip address to (which is the default local server ip address) . So everytime you try to connect traffictravis.com for any registration/activation process, you will be "redirected" to your local server.

    You can access your local web server by using http://localhost/ or
    I don't know where to put the folder and php file mentioned in the traffictravis thread if you used WAMP. But if you used XAMPP, the default folder is xampp/htdocs/ or xampplite/htdocs/. So, for example, you used XAMPP and put test123.php to xampp/htdocs folder, you can access it by typing http://localhost/test123.php or in your browser

    It's just a simple program to make your computer to act as web server and it's popular among web developers. I think it won't do any harm to your computer.

    Hope it helps :)
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    depends on Proxies
    very well explained sala81...
    should be very useful to the community here...+rep