What is the Google Dance?

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    The term Google Dance is the abrupt changes in the results during the early days of Google every few months, held index updates. As part of the update of the old Google index was gradually replaced by a new index, whereby it came to specific users for a few days to show the constantly changing search results.

    update Time of update

    Panda Update 1.0 -------------24th February 2011
    Panda Update 2.0 -------------11th April 2011
    Panda Update 2.1 ------------10th May 2011
    Panda Update 2.2 ------------16th June 2011
    Panda Update 2.3 ------------23rd July 2011
    Panda Update 2.4 ------------12th August 2011
    Panda Update 2.5 -------------28th September 2011
    Panda Update 3.0 -------------19th October 2011
    Panda Update 3.1 ------------18th November 2011
    Panda Update 3.2 -----------18th January 2012
    Panda Update 3.3 -------------27th February 2012
    Panda Update 3.4 -------------23rd March 2012
    Panda 3.5 Update -------------19th April 2012
    Panda Update 3.6 ------------27th April 2012
    Panda Update 3.7 ----------------09th June 2012
    Panda Update 3.8 -------------25th June 2012
    Panda Update 3.9 -----------------24th July 2012
    Panda Update 3.9.1 ---------------20th August 2012
    Panda Update 3.9.2 ---------------18th September 2012
    Panda Update 3.9.3 --------------19 October 2012

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    The name "Google Dance" was in the past used to describe the period that a major index update of the Google search engine are being implemented. These major Google index update occured on average every 36 days or 10 times per year. It was easiest be identified by significant changes in search results, and by an updating of Google's cache of all indexed pages. These changes would be evident from one minute to the next. But the update did not proceed as a switch from one index to another like the flip of a switch. In fact, it took several days to finish the complete update of the index.