what is the correct way to use Xrumer ?

Discussion in 'Black Hat SEO' started by kingkongkong, Nov 3, 2011.

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    I made the Xrumer blast to my moneysite,on some guestbooks,after a few days I can find my moneysite get the rank of some keywords on the 2nd-5th pages of Google,but it didn't keep long,after some other days the rank disappear drastically!every keyword! and I feel there is little possibility for my moneysite to get the ranks back any more.

    Someone told me to post backlinks as much as possible perday,but it seems so easy to get punished by google,maybe it's a wrong way just posting on guestbooks.(I also create some forums profiles but they get indexed slowly and niggardly,even though I've done some work to help them get indexed,the situation didn't get better.)

    So how to use the tool correctly? Which Xrumer expert can teach me how to use it...Thank you very much!
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    I'm not an expert but most use it to blast links to web2.0 properties, forum profiles, etc that link to your site, and not your actual site. You've probably been sandboxed.
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    As said above... Blast your buffer pages/sites.

    Articles, squidoo lens's, web2.0's, etc. are perfect to get blasted by all types of software.

    Those pages will get a bigger boost and the link pointing to your site will get an even bigger boost. Think of it as powering up the pages that point to your site :D

    You can also avoid big penalties this way.