What is the best tool to complement GSA SER, CB and Scrapebox?

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    Hi everyone,

    I hope to hear some the opinion of some experienced black hat SEO-ers here regarding what software tool would complement the best the ones I already have.

    I own, GSA SER, Captcha Breaker and Scrapebox and am using them as follow:
    Scrapebox to scrape ( imagine that :) ) urls to feed the GSA SER projects, which in turn, through 2 tier project, give power to my manually created WEB 2.0s. I'm using 301 shorteners for my contextual GSA projects. GSA project both use main verified list and scrape engines.

    So, the question is, in your own experience, what would be the next software tool which would give the most benefit in my setup? Or at least, what other software tool proved to help you out the most to improve quality, speed or some other aspect of this, or similar setup. Main goal - more ranking juice and faster WEB 2.0 creation and pumping.

    I strongly prefer one time cost tools, if possible.

    Chocking points:

    Manually creating WEB 2.0 account - slow
    Finding or writing good enough quality text for WEB 2.0 - hard to find relevant and good enough from expired or deindexed websites. Pain in the butt to write.
    GSA SER spends a lot of time on: "no engine matches" and "already parsed"... LpM 13.65 at the moment. Home PC. No money for renting server. Yet.

    Things I am considering:

    - learning more about GSA and how to squeeze more juice from it.
    - private proxy for submitting/verifying. Not sure how much an improvement this could be?!
    - GSA content generator - not sure if it can produce something that can be used in T1 WEB 20's; not sure how much it can improve the relevancy of the article used in tiers (to pass authority)
    - Kontent Machine - same as above
    - GSA platform identifier - use my laptop to sort through millions of links before my SER doing the submitting has to deal with the problem. Should speed things up a bit.

    So basically, I am looking for something that would give the most bang for the buck in this setup. It's ranking long term amazon affiliate website so I don't need a churn and burn kind of power yet, but would like to continue to improve this as it has given some good results so far. 17th SERP for 100.000 US search exact - best result ever. (website super relevant, articles close to 5k words articles packed with useful information). I need to improve on this linkbuilding more.

    I hope the answers will also benefit others in similar situation.

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    Kontent Machine will be really useful... As writing the articles itself is a boring and time consuming task (unless you pay somebody to write the content for you). But I think KM + a good spinner will give you an ALMOST ready content. You should then CHECK this content for errors, mistakes, as in most cases it could be unique, but not readable. The linkbuilding is important, yes... But all of us have seen websites ranking on the TOP without many good backlinks... So, you should pay attention to your content at most! ;)
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    Regarding your first point, I am pretty sure that my blog (tutorials) (Case studies) has more GSA/SER based content than anywhere else so it may help you when it comes to learning more about the toolset.

    When it comes to private proxies, In my opinion there is no reason to use them for verification. It just takes bandwidth up and slows down submissions and your regular IP should be able to check them with no problem. I have ran at over 900 LPM without proxies being used for verification and not had problems. When it comes to submissions then I would suggest you leave them for now. The main reason I personally use proxies for submissions is to mask my server IP and avoid abuse complaints to my server provider. When you are around 10 LPM theres no worrys about this at all. I also have this case study where I get over 600 LPM with free public proxies.

    I have used large amounts of auto generated content on T1 that is still indexed and stick on the platform. Web 2 domains get so many submissions per day there is no way they are able to check them all. I would imagine they depend heavily on footprints being left by your tool or their users reporting profiles to find and delete these submissions. I still havent had time to check out GSA CG but I know a few people who have moved over to it and ditched Kontent Machine.

    GSA PI is and excellent tool and it could clear up a fair number of the no engine match errors but I doubt it could run very well on a laptop that also has SER, CB and Scrapebox running on it. I recently published my ultimate guide to building your own auto accept list that maybe helpful to you :).

    When it comes to tools, I would probably looks towards either a web 2 submitter or a GSA Content Generator next. As far as Web 2 tools go right now I feel RX is the best but it is pretty expensive and a monthly payment so you have to look at it from the time it will save you against the money it will cost.
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    Thank you for the advice. I'm pretty satisfied with how I write my content. It ranks 30-50 with only a few nofollow blog comments. I need to learn more about linkbuilding now. Do you have experience with some good spinner?

    Thank you for the extensive explanation Shaunm! I'm already reading you blog. There is a treasure of information you are sharing there. It will take me some time to go through it and test on my own. Good luck on your business!
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    Fresh auto approve lists

    Good VPS with excellent network

    Good fresh proxies feeding in all the time.