What is the best autoresponders?


Aug 18, 2012
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:greddy2:what is the best autoresponders?
Than you
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I am currently using the auto responder system through GVO. I purchased GVO because I can host unlimited domains, I found that they had an auto responder that is included in the price of the hosting. And unlike some of the other auto responders this one will allow you to build a list of 20,000 members before they start increasing the price.
I use Aweber which is fantastic. I did a bit of research and settled on them as it suited my purposes. It is very easy to use but has a double opt in. When I joined, it was $1 for the first month which gives you enough time to work out if it suits your needs.
I had AWeber and now switched to MailChimp. One feature I like with MailChimp is that you can import names.
Also, looking forward to using the social media features. I haven't noticed the problem with the browser.
i'd say it depends on your budget. I've used a few, but only used GVO and Aweber seriously (e.g more than 1000 subs) and Aweber wins by a mile!

GVO is ok as a starter but it lacks important tools such as the ability to segment your list, and doesn't have very good reporting.

With Aweber you can segment, use automation (e.g being able to unsub somebody from 1 list automatically when they subscribe to another), and do other things that make business easier.

So for me Aweber is fine. I've heard good things about GetResponse too.

Main negative for aweber is the cost, it increases dramatically once you get a few 1000 on your list, I think I pay about $150 at the moment which will increase some more once I pass another couple K subs.
Get response, because of its awesome features, and Aweber, because it has the best deliverability.
Have used both Aweber and GVO, Aweber is superb and perfect for new starters as its so easy and straight forward to use, plus its got a load of tutorials for you to follow.
If you are looking email marketing tool for free, Mialchimp will be the right choice for your first step into it and it is more enough.
I'm using aweber. I don't get many subscribers since the only thing I have a form on is an older website I haven't updated in a while, but I've never had an issue in the limited experience I have with them.
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