What is Rank Bank?

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    Has anyone seen this service rank bank at

    It's seems to be from Steve Clayton the creater of commission blueprint, commission evolution, Keyword Blaze and various other info products and software tools.

    I'm curious because it looks like an answer to some of those popular blog networks being deindexed from Google.

    I think RankBank is a system to get High Page Rank Links on the actual PR pages. From what I've read I think the main difference from rank bank and the other huge blog networks like BMR and Linkvana is the massive diversity and niche relevant sites.

    Generally speaking if thousands of individuals are hosting these sites on various hosting providers and ip addresses then footprints would be pretty much non existent or not?. They also cap each page to only have 10 external outbound links per page so that you get the most link juice out of that page. Oh yeh and your link remains on the page with the PR.

    All of those PR sites within rankbank are not owned by one company but are actually owned by hundreds if not thousands of individuals that are members of IMA and eformula.

    I was trying to find out if I could be a supplier of those high pr sites for rankbank but it looks like they don't let people in from the public only IMA or eformula member :(

    I just did a little research and found out that IMA is a membership site for $97 per month and eformula was an ecommerce store now seems to be closed.

    UPDATE: What do think about this new system for PR Links and has Anyone used it yet?
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