What is proxy? Fastvisit. Help.


May 12, 2014
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Hello all, i'm the new in BHW and sorry if it's bad thread (bad english).
I i'm now in proxies and other sh*t.
I just downloaded FastVisit program, that can add views to youtube and etc.
So, there's called proxies and i dont really know how to use that program, i will show picture what i do and what i'm writed to that program and what i'm getting when i'm starting it.

You need to check the proxies first to see if the even work: http://www.blackhatworld.com/blackhat-seo/proxies/23156-quick-n-dirty-guide-charon-free-good-proxy-checker.html

I also highly doubt just proxies hitting a video is going to give it any views as YouTube is not that stupid.
I downloaded and i dont really understand what to do now...
I downloaded and i dont really understand what to do now...

Then why did you download it? You should start there. There's a quite detailed explanation of the program there, so if you read through that and still didn't understand it, why bother downloading? All those open Chinese proxies on the exact same C-Block aren't helping you either.
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