What is more profitable?

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    What is more profitable?Writing articles to associate content or writing articles with affilliate marketing or cpa clickable keywords and spread them to diferent directories.I have many diferent articles with some good spiners programs,yes very rare documents.I believe that the people of associate content buy articles to sell them a little more to people that make money making clickable content inside and spread over the net .Someone with good experience plese tell me what is more profitable.
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    They're two totally different animals really. AC is more for instant gratification, to where Article Marketing is more of a slow burn. The earning potential is ultimately going to be higher with Article Marketing, but AC allows you to see results quicker.

    An example is a dating offer I ran with article marketing. I produced a ton of articles for it, submitted to Ezines as well as the other top directories. All of the articles only produced one conversion and if I had sent them to AC, I would have tripled my money for the articles. With that being said, if I had continued on with the Article Marketing campaign and produced more articles, I could have possibly made more than I would have by sending them to AC.

    Hope it clarified
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