What is included in a "seo analyze"

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    I seen many companys offer clients a paid "seo analyze report"..

    I thought of buying just in order to understand whats included in a report like that.. But they are pretty expensive.

    Here is an example: h**p://www.seo-analysis.com/order/

    Basicly its for people with websites looking to SEO improve their websites.. And after the report they can either do it themself or hire the company that delivered the report in order to improve the seo of the site.

    So my question is whats is really included in the report like that?

    What I think is included:

    on site seo (What to improve on the site)

    - Like fixing keywords in h1
    - Relevent articles with keywords
    - Meta tags etc

    off site seo (What to improve "off" the site)

    - Building relevant backlinks
    - Adding articles to sites etc.

    What can more be included?

    - Competitors
    - Keywords
    - Usefull tools to use? Like analytics

    Then I have no idea? What do you think is included? Or have you ever gotten a report like and care to share whats in it?

    I trying to understand what to send to clients and what a seo report normally include.

    Would be happy if someone want to help me out!

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    Still looking for some answers here :)
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    There is no mistery.

    They will analize On page factors like: Title/meta tags/h1,they could talk about strategies of making more keywords using tags,they can make a Keyword research report,a Competition analisys report.
    They can make a Backlink plan for surpass your competitors...recommend seo tools for monitoring etc.
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    Well a SEO analysis can be based on many things.
    For instance Internet Business Promoter (IBP ) from Arelis, base and a SEO report on the following items.

    1. Report overview
    2. Keyword use in document title
    3. Global link popularity of web site
    4. Link texts of inbound links
    5. Keyword use in body text
    6. Age of web site
    7. Keyword use in H1 headline texts
    8. Keyword use in domain name
    9. Keyword use in page URL
    10. Links from social networks
    11. Server speed
    12. Keyword use in H2-H6 headline texts
    13. Keyword use in IMG ALT attributes
    14. Top level domain of web site
    15. Keyword use in bold body text
    16. Number of visitors to the site
    17. Keyword use in same domain link texts
    18. Keyword use in outbound link texts
    19. Keyword use in same domain link URLs
    20. Keyword use in outbound link URLs
    21. Keyword use in meta description
    22. Number of trailing slashes in URL
    23. HTML validation of web page to W3C standards
    24. Readability level of web page
    25. Keyword use in meta keywords
    26. Keyword use in the first sentence of the body text
    27. Keyword use in HTML comments
    28. Search engine compatibility
    29. Factors that could prevent your top ranking
    30. Table: Number of keywords
    31. Table: Keyword density
    32. Table: Keyword position
    33. Table: Number of words
    34. Table: Number of characters
    35. Table: Ranking factors digest
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    Nice tips for SEO.
    Thanks for sharing these tips with us........royalmice