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    What Is Clickbank? ClickBank.com is one of the biggest affiliate network in the world and is one of the best places to find affiliate programs for downloadable informational products. It is also one of the easiest program to promote and the most profitable for several reasons:
    1. People love instant download upon purchase. The fact that your buyers will be able to download the product the purchase instantly will dramatically increase conversion rates. People usually hate slow delivery.
    2.Digital information products do not require inventories. This means that the commissions you get for most affiliate products can be as high as 75% .
    3.There are thousands of products in many different categories. If you become an affiliate you will find many products in your niche to choose from.
    4.ClickBank pay affiliates promptly between the 15th and last day of the month and they take care of all the transactions as well as the refunds.

    How to Pick a Clickbank Product to Promote
    There are several steps you need to follow to pick a winning product to promote and they are as follows:
    1. Pick a Niche
    2. The Clickbank Marketplace ? Analyzing Stats
    3. Check Out the Website/Sales Page
    4. Additional Useful Resources For Further Research

    Picking a Niche
    You first need to pick a niche with high demand and low competition and just then go to look for products to promote. If you?ll find a good CB product to promote then sure promote it but if you don?t you shouldn?t worry as there are many other affiliate programs out there. Here are a few examples:
    You can also go to Google and do a search with the following phrase: ?niche + affiliate program? . So, if your niche is ?dog training? and you are looking for an affiliate program to promote you would type: ?dog training + affiliate program?.
    So let?s say you have already picked the ?acne treatment? niche, you?ve already build a website around it and now you need a product to promote.
    Let?s head over to Clickbank to see if we can find a good, relevant products to promote.

    The Clickbank Marketplace ? Analyzing Stats

    If you do a search for ?acne treatment? in the CB marketplace and you put in a gravity of 10 in the filters section you will see this page:
    A gravity of 10 means that there are 10+ affiliates making sales for this product monthly. The reason for showing only products with a gravity of 10+ is that I want other affiliates to make money with the product that i pick. Why would i want that? Well, if other affiliates make money with it, then it means that the product converts and it might be worth promoting.
    The first product looks interesting:

    Here?s what does all these stats/numbers mean.
    $ / sale: $31.04 ? this is the average net amount earned by an affiliate per sale.
    % / sale: 75% ? this is the average percentage commission earned by an affiliate per sale.
    Rebill: ? if the product has recurring billing.
    Grav: 85.71 ? ?Gravity? is a measure of how many affiliates are currently promoting the product. It basically means that there are 85.71 affiliates making sales monthly. The gravity number is very important. You don`t want the number to be too high. A high gravity means a lot of competition. I recommend you only promote products with a gravity between 20-100.
    Promote ? If you click ?promote?, a new window will show up where you can put in your CB account username and a tracking id. Once you?ve done this click ?create? and it will show your affiliate link.
    Now if the stats look interesting, it?s time to check out the website of the product. Just click on the listing title to see it.