What is and how does this money method work?


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Jul 15, 2014
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Yoo guys,

So, I see this kinda stuff a lot in the Netherlands,
A legit looking giveaway website (The niche). People need to answer some fake questions to grab their attention and trust etc. And at the end, they need to fill in their real info like name, email and date of birth.
They also need to accept the terms. In the terms is stated:

In short; After accepting the terms, the publisher (Leadworld) has the right to sell the information (Email, postal, SMS, phone etc) to the advertisers and they have the right to call you, SMS you, send stuff to your postal adress and send some spam email.


What is this money method called and what network does this offer?

The submitted forms will be send to some of the biggest Dutch companies like Acties.nl, Vakantie Veilingen, HotelKamerVeiling.nl, RebelPenguin, etc.

Also how does this work? Does this work through a network which pays you for every enrtry?