What is a "Safe" Ratio to use MagicViews - Real:Botted

Discussion in 'YouTube' started by D4rkFl0w, Mar 15, 2012.

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    Hey guys, so I have several deals where I get paid between 0.05 and 0.02 per view (Crazy I know) and I'd definitely like to supplement my regular views with some botted ones ;) Mobile views count for my deal, because the ad is in the video so it still gets viewed.

    Anyways what do you think is a safe level to bot? so far I haven't gone past 3k, and my legit views are about 1k (on my test video.) I'm starting to think I might wanna lower it to a 1:1 ratio or even 2:1 (having at least double legit views to the fake ones.)

    Anyways, Just asking for thoughts on how much you guys have been boosting successfully. (ratio wise) I'm looking for long term, not just botting to a million and cashing in. Probably get caught and not get paid at all anyways...

    P.S. I've also been trying to make my videos mobile related so YouTube 'might' think it might draw more of a mobile view crowd.
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    Well the average for mobile views for me and a few other people I know are around 20-40% of video views are from mobile traffic.

    So to go anything over 1:1 ratio would be pretty obvious, unless like you said you will be targeting a mobile audience, which in that case I wouldn't know about that.
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    Go back to Warriorforum or wherever you came from.

    I am sure this is ur plan:
    1st post: say thanks for downloading bot
    2nd post(this): Ask what a good ratio is and how to bank.
    3rs step: Leva bhw, and go back to warriourforum or w/e
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    Omg... 1 more thread about (mobile) view botting and I'll commit suicide.

    Stop making these pointless threads about it, stop botting. YouTube -> Fix this please.