What I'm planning to do with infinity ads and hitleap


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Jul 31, 2013
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Hi to all, I'm ethan a totally noob and finding a way to earn at least 25 dollars per day, I really need your opinions for my plan, so here it goes I have a infinity account and I've from the F.A.Qs section of infinity ads and this what I read you can earn $1.80/1000views to your site, so what I plan is getting a hitleap premium account worth 7euro to get anonymous traffic.

my computation is

in hitleap premium account you will have additional 15 site slot you can use it for boosting traffic

if you put your blogger blog or any blog with infinity ads in it to 15 slots of hitleap and set to 10seconds per view

so in 1minute you can have 6 view per slot X 15 slot = 90views x 60minutes or 1hour = 5400views

so you will have 5400views then multiply it to 1.80 dollars = $9.72 in 1hour x 8hours = $77.76

so in 8 hours you will earn 77.76 dollars thats very big for coz I live in the phillipines which is the minimum pay for a normal employee is 456 10hours of work or in dollars 10.8 dollars per 10 hours of work

so having a earning of 77 dollars per 8 hours is blessing if I can manage to earn that in plan

hope to have a great opinion and suggestion from all of you here thank you very much!!!
60 Second = 1 Minute. They'll ban you in 1 min after they get to know.
I am sure, you are not the first person to think on this plan. I also tried this method. But they count very few views from Hitleap. I sent them high amount of traffic but still 6 cents. Don't dream, it wont work. You should use CPM codes from many companies on your blog to earn decent amount of money. Good luck
Sorry for gravedigging, but I find it interesting. Won't anononymous traffic count? Why? It looks like a great idea.
They say anonamous, but after hit after hit after hit they'll catch on.
Dont even try. You will lose money and account both.
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