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    Hi all. I've been lurking here for a couple months now and have been overwhelmed by all the useful info out there. I'll get excited to try something then I'll see something else to try then I end up not making up my mind about what to do. It's seriously great to see such a helpful community of people.

    Anyway, I just thought I'd share what I'm doing right now, talk about my plans and see if anyone has anything to say about it.

    Right now I've got one Wordpress website using RSS Poster Pro. The site has three adBrite ads on it. I'm using Google news feeds to pull in content and I'll tweak what's being pulled in every day based on what's popular that day, so the site isn't at all niche- it's got all kinds of info on it.

    I've got it all hooked up to a Twitter account via Hootsuite and I've grown followers on the Twitter account through organic means- finding people to follow by doing Twitter searches. Other than that, I'm not doing any active SEO whatsoever.

    I had the site set up for three weeks in May and got over 13,000 visits. In June I had 19,180 and so far in July I've got 11,320. I started off averaging about 20 cents a day with my adBrite ads and as of right now I'm averaging 48 cents. Pennies, to be sure, but it's been exciting to see it grow.

    What I'm thinking of doing is getting an unlimited account from Hostgator and creating websites for every single topic I can think of as subdomains. For example: sports., basketball., nba., kobebryant., music., rap., kanyewest., politics., and so on. I figure I'll set up a few feeds for each site, put up a disclaimer that the site's purpose is to collect information about [topic] from around the web and include attribution links for the source of each article. If I do that with 100 websites and only make 20 cents a day, I'm making an extra $600 a month, right? Set up a site, forget about it and make another ad infinitum.

    So my questions:

    -Can anyone think of any downside to this method?
    -Will I run into any issues if I keep using subdomains? (I'm thinking for successful ones I'd go ahead and buy domains.)
    -Should I use something besides adBrite? My Google Ads account got turned off when using it on my personal website, possibly because I was stupid enough to tweet a link from an ad on the site.
    -Can anyone think of any tools to help me with this process?
    -Any other suggestions?