What I am doing wrong?

Discussion in 'Making Money' started by Cewgg, Aug 18, 2012.

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    Hello people, about a week i am earning like 0,60$ , 1,00$ on PPD. I am working as much as I can. Making like 15-10 videos a day , watermarking them with good comments / likes / views. I seem have no visitors to my videos this week. I am promoting via youtube comments , and like 2-5 visitors only comes to my website. I try'ed differrent niches and I can't get now fucking leads. Should I have more hope and continue uploading these videos and one day maybe I make some good money from these? Or should I try other things in IM? I am near stage of giving up... But.. But... I don't give up...

    What I am doing wrong?

    And yes, sorry for poor english, since I am not local english talking

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    What mistake I normally see, when ppl start to make money on youtube they pick always very hard niche(gaming and movie) I do not wont to say that there is no way to make money with this niches, but not with 15 videos day and not without site. Do you send them direct to download link or to your landing page first (you will need to switch to n2)??
    Making money on utube is not something hard but you need:
    1) your video is unique or at list you download someone quality videos and make it unique
    2) Use your keywords in description, tags and most important titles must be catchy
    3) Watermark your video, there is trick using adwords you can even put link to your page on the video
    4)Look for the free credit bots here (ulikehits, jampstart etc) like, comment, subscribe as much as you can
    5) build links, ping your video
    6) Setup yahoo answer, google alerts, tweeter to drive more traffic
    Scale and repeat
    If you do it constantly, if you take time to build nice looking site, if you switch to proper cpa network, at list with content locker (better learn to make custom one) you will very soon make good money
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    You're near giving up? This probably isn't the thing for you then.
    I don't use YouTube to make money, but I can tell you from what I read. 15 videos might not be enough. You need to scale it. I read the other day someone on here uploaded 30,000 videos with a script. If you made $0.01 per day, per video, that's $300 per day, or $0.10 per day per video, that's $3000/day.
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    If you're make a small amount of money by uploading a small amount of videos to your channel. Doesn't it seem like uploading a shit ton of videos would make you a decent amount of money? Either get more subscribers, or upload 1000's of videos spread out over a few accounts.
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    If you can't upload a shitload of videos like over 1000, do a research and find out the common keywords that are being scraped by the users of the MVB tool, regarding your niche. I remember I uploaded once a single video, and I found it 3 weeks later reuploaded by under hundreds of accounts. Of course, they had their own link in description, but my glowing watermark was still there, bringing me traffic from that :)
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    Never gives up. My english is not good either but i can try and will
    on seo to make money. when you give up you never can accomplish goals.