what happened with ZennoLab ?

On top of the languages you mentioned I recommend that you learn at least the basics of regular expressions.
i started to learn it and there some generator of regular expressions.

The macro builder was a great feature i don't know why they juste deleted it. A macro builder + a regular expression's generator will be a huge update for the purpose of no code, i think
I use c# in almost every bot I make with zennoposter.

Good news: many snippets of c# are shared on the forum and there is extensive documentation by zennolab for using c# and php for extra functionality, like mouse scrolling/clicks etc
Do you have some ressources to advice to learn C# ?
You need sitekey addon to solve reCAPTCHA. You can buy it from your zennolab account (product page), this addon is maintained by them. And it'll cost you $10/month.
I purchased Cap Monster for my one copy of GSA ser. rest of my GSA copies are solved by Xevil. Due to high resource consumption, I decided to give Cap Monster a try. purchased. I didn't know it also got monthly payment for Captcha now I am going to sub for that as well. i wish i had seen your post before.
They are doing just fine. I just grab my second copy of Cap Monster and gsa ser. both products are from great 2 trusted companies. cap monster last update was a week ago.

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