What happened to keyword planner


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Jun 17, 2013
Last time I used it, it was free now it asks for adwords accounts and campaigns and stuff. How do you use it?
Just open an account with Adwords, you do not need any campaigns or anything. You just need to sign up.

Did you take the time to even check it out?

The interface has changed and nothing else. The statistics are still there.
it's still free - it's just not open to the public anymore. just use your GMAIL address and create an adwords account - don't need to fill out all the payment options
I signed up and it took me straight to these pages asking questions about my business and ads, I can't seem to get out of it without filling it in

I have seen this problem before. When they sign into their account and go to the planner, the planner does not show the 4 boxes that allow you to search for keywords like normal. Instead it goes straight to a setting up a campaign.

One of the members here asked me about it on skype, but even when screen sharing, what I see when I log into my account from my computer is not what he sees when he logs into his account with his computer.

I do not know what causes the glitch, but when it happens, there is no way out, the normal adwords menu is not available. Even signing out and back in won't fix it, it goes straight to the create a campaign screen.

I was unable to help this person, and this is the second person now who I have heard with this problem.
Feel like checking mine now.

What about just setting up a new gmail account and trying that way? Hassle for sure...but might be a fix for someone who needs access to that specific function.
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