what factors trigger rightside knowledge pannel for multiple keywords?


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May 8, 2013
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First I`m amazed how much little info I found on this subject on bhw and on the web in general. Am I the only one that sees the huge potential of these rightside KP? Imagine slapping a shitty website, verify a GMB account, no seo, no backlinks, no hassle and get 40% of clicks for a medium diff keyword. This is a real scenario because I managed the above. But here comes the tricky part:

- what works for one website doesn't work for the second website.

That's why, with ur help, I wish to make a list of factors that will trigger the rightside KP every time for 1 keyword or multiple keywords. What I did that worked for 2 of my websites:

1. Made a GMB account with my keyword as the business name and verify it

2. Made a shitty website and optimized it for my keyword

3. Made a Wikipedia and wikidata page for my keyword

4. Made social profiles for my website

5. Added photos on my GMB account and made some posts

6. Added some reviews

7. Added organization schema

The funny thing is I followed these exact steps for a 3rd website and triggered jack shit. Also I`m not able to trigger the KP for multiple keywords for those websites that already have a rightside KP for the initial keyword I`ve targeted. I`m also interested in how I can trigger the rightside "see more info about" KP.

Add ur steps u follow to trigger KPs or recommendations and let's crack this shit.