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What do you guys think about my setup? (Youtube)

Discussion in 'BlackHat Lounge' started by todordonev, Apr 23, 2014.

  1. todordonev

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    Nov 23, 2012
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    Hey what's up. Been reading many Youtube jurneys and stuff theese days, so I wanted to give it a shot. A few weeks ago I started to work in a friends office. I do like the job as I have much free time as well as enough funds to support myself. I have a budget of 100$ as well as some free time for this youtube project. Going to monetize with Media-Kings and/or Cleanfiles. (Split-test)
    Why am I starting this thread? Well I love to categorize and organize everything. This is my first youtube venture and I would want to see opinions about my setup, so I don't fail before I start.

    I ordered:
    100 G PVA's. They should come to me within 3-5 days. Ordered from XGC media.
    10 Private proxies from BuyProxies. They mailed them to me almost instantly.

    My plan:
    I have studied about 10-15 niches quite closely. They are quite different from each other.
    I plan to upload 3 videos to each account. As you can see I have only 10 proxies, so 10 accounts or 30 videos.
    Every account will be for one of those niches and the 3 videos in it for its sub-niches. (ex. main niche:Facebook, sub-niches:how to get likes,how to get friend requests etc.)
    I'm going to add shitload of keywords in the description as well as the cloaked(bit*ly) monetizing link (directly to media-kings/cleanfiles, no landing page whatsoever)
    I will make my best to choose the best Titles for the videos.
    For a start I'm only going to throw about 3-4k HR views per video nothing more nothing less so I can see which niches stick and which don't.
    If the niche sticks - im going to dedicate another proxy/account for it (I want to spend money on fresh videos not on aged ones as all videos get deleted eventually) add some social signals, likes, 5-10k HR views,subs - what I feel it will be needed. (qqtube)
    Videos are going to be stolen (that sounds bad) and edited a little bit so youtube doesn't recognize them. If niche sticks - will outsorce video creation.
    Neg comments are going to be deleted.If video sticks I will buy likes so the like bar is at least 60/40.
    Everything is unpredictable with Youtube and I will make sure to invest minimum per video. The idea is that EVERY video pays.

    At first I am going to upload 30 videos otherwise im losing money from paying for proxies and not using them, but the whole plan is to upload 300 videos spreaded on 100 accounts (proxies are expensive though)
    Im confident enough that this will atleast break even. I like to experiment and split test so this is going to be fun.
    There is no bloody reason why this should not work other than the creepy YT algos, and the competitors that flag videos.

    NOTE: I don't give a crap about those 100$, that makes it easier for me - not worrying about the money spent is 50% work done :)

    Any thoughts?
  2. tooslim

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    Dec 12, 2008
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    i saw in another YT thread where you mentioned you were using the 301 pump method. are you doing that for this?