What do you do in your "down" time?


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Dec 5, 2013
Whenever I don't have anything to write I find myself pondering random thoughts. Things like why we're on this planet, what happens when we die, etc etc.

It's a random question, but what do you guys do on your down time? I'm not saying I'm spiritual or anything, I'm sitting on my couch eating chips just as much as the next guy (when I have nothing to do that is). Just curious about what other people like to spend their time doing, getting outside every now and then is always important :cool:.

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catch up with family, keep posting on bhw, watch the TV series you have been missing on,go out on a drive,hang out with friends, read a book...thats what I do in my downtime.
Listen to music a lot. I would call it an addiction almost. I enjoy cooking as well, watching movies. I like going for long walks at night, whether by myself or with someone. Not much else for now, mostly focused on making my plans work and moving out to start anew. Ahh, life how you get to me sometimes.

Also don't know if this fits in to down time but, have been lifting weights as of recently. Really helps with stress!
Hang out with family and friends, go on a trip, spend some quality time.
I'm already 21 but I watch cartoons and anime during my down times. Really childish, I know, but they help me escape the sometimes stressful reality.
Spend time with my wife, play video games, do family stuff. Just the general shit really.
I check out my side then rush to the datacenter and see what's wrong! Don't like having "downtime" with any of my servers ;)

No seriously, hanging out, reading (a lot), trips...
molesturbate - it's a combination between masturbating and molesting myself...
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