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    I only have $40.00 to invest in a program to promote my website. I need it to make enough to cash out on Leadbolt, which is $100, I only have a little over $70. I am looking to hire someone to do the promotion for me. Search Engine Optimization (link building, link pyrimids, etc.), I don't want to pay for, because $40 isn't enough to index or put my website high enough in search, so that people can find it, so I can't do that. Fiverr, I can't do websites like that either because I've been told that people on those websites don't know what their doing, and I don't want to waste money on people whom I don't trust. Adwords is sketchy, because the last time I promoted using adwords, I only had enough money to pay for "vouchers" which helped a lot and was my primary method. Why can't I use adwords then? That is because Adwords "suspended" my accounts because I had campaigns promoting the same website. I can't afford real adwords credits. Most defenatley and most importantly, no YouTube. Why? Too much time and energy to make videos and most traffic is garbage. To recap, no fiverr, adwords, youtube or Search Engine Optimization. I have one idea in mind. That is to advertise vouchers for various search engines and websites at a time. I could pay for ad vouchers on various websites such as bing, facebook, yahoo, etc. That way I avoid suspension for duplicate campaigns. To be clear, I'd only pay for vouchers, I can't afford actual credits. What do I plan to do? I plan to hire someone to do this for me, and that is mandatory. I'm tired of having to do the work myself, even though I've done it in the past, I don't have time to. I'm thinking of hiring someone from oDesk to do this for me. Do you have any ideas on how I can invest this money, to help me reach my goal of $100 on Leadbolt?

    To sum this up my questions are:

    What is a cheap service that will bring targetted traffic to my website?

    Where can I find someone who will do this service (create ads) for me well and cheap?

    Thanks BHW.