What different between expired, dropped domain & deleted domain?

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    Hello, i want to search domains for PBN

    When domains is deleted & available to register, their aged & PR will be lost? It's better to buy domain from auction?
    What is good for PBN? Good backlink but domain is deleted 1 years ago(available to register), Good backlink & now is currently in auction.

    and What different between expired, dropped domain & deleted domain? it means the same thing?
    why people says buy expired domains for PBN not deleted domains?
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    The terms are often used as synonyms, technically there is a difference:

    1. Expired domain is a domain that wasn't renewed. Most TLDs include a redemption period, so expired means it's not dropped so far and the former owner can still renew it, noone else can register it until it drops.

    2. Dropped domain is what most people actually mean when talking about expireds. A domain that expired, wasn't renewed in redemption period and then dropped. Catching drops can be difficult, because once people see a good domain expires, they try to catch it milliseconds after the drop, often with significant technical effort/infrastructure.

    3. A deleted domain is a domain that didn't expire and then dropped, but was intentionally deleted within the paid registration period by the owner. Only possible for some TLDs and not a feature all registrars offer.

    When people talk about expired domains for a PBN, they actually mean dropped domains. With a slight twist: Dropped domains that aren't registered again instantly are often domains noone really wants. So, the good ones don't really have the dropped status for more than a second.
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    Came here to post this but you nailed it in one post.