What did i do wrong?

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    I sold a batch of 23 adsense sites, which ended on Sunday. I can't post the auction link, but you can search for my auction on flippa by searching for the site physiotherapycourses DOT info

    The sites had been earning well for about 2 months. In the first month they made $236.85, and in the second month they made $624.17. This month they look set to smash last month, as the sites already made $299.61 for the 1st 7 days of July. I had hoped that the sites would sell for at least x10 the average of the last 2 months income, which would have been $4305, especially as the sites were set to earn yet even more money this month, but the sites ended up selling for $2600. I acution was due to end at 8pm GMT, and i also featured the auction twice. Once in the last 36 hours, and again in the last 3 hours. I'm trying to work out what went wrong, and so far i can think of the following:

    Selling too many sites in one go? Maybe i should have split them up into smaller batches?

    No love for sites that rank in the UK? All of the 23 sites targeted google.co.uk, maybe not so popular on Flippa?

    No google analytics data. I instead relied upon getclicky. Maybe this was a mistake?

    No adsense revenue red line shown on the graph. Maybe people though my data and screenshots were fake? Bit hard to sell multiple sites this way now, as i'm sure you're only allowed to make use of 1 site using this feature?

    Too many attachments? Maybe i overcomplicated the auction, and made it look too desperate to sell?

    The disagreement with the bidder in the comments section. No doubt i would have got more for my sites if i hadn't have rejected his bids mid way through the auction, but his actions put me off dealing with him, and from the email exchanges we had mid auction, it would have been an ordeal working with the guy if he had won, so i cut my losses, and also my profit by the look of it.

    Ideally, i want to get sites earning for 2 months then flip them, but maybe 2 months isn't long enough? Any advice appreciated.
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    Too some people 2 months earnings isn't enough to go off, flippa site sales have been down since the penguin updates anyway. People normally value websites on 6 month earnings usually..
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    Yeah its to early, just wait.
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    Good work on the analysis, DoubleUp. The points you've brought up are all valid and affect the perceived value of your site, but let's go through them one by one.

    While this can indeed seem unattractive to some, I don't actually see it as a major issue if the sites require little to no maintenance and it's been made clear within the listing.

    Most buyers won't care about this. As long as the traffic is organic and it can be proven that it's organic it doesn't make a difference to them whether the site ranks in the UK, the States or elsewhere in the world.

    Absolutely. A lot of Flippa buyers rely (way too much - if you ask me) on verified GA stats. And for many of them, no (Flippa verified) GA = scam. All you can do about this is make sure to install GA on all your new and existing sites.

    Same as above, but the solution obviously isn't as simple as you indeed can't verify more than one site per listing. What you can and should do, though, is make it clear within the auction that the reason you haven't verified Adsense earnings is Flippa's limitation (as opposed to your preference), and that you're more than happy to verify earnings otherwise, such as by doing a live screencast etc.

    Haven't seen your auction so this one's difficult to comment on but generally speaking, the more screenshots/evidence you provide the better. On the other hand though, you obviously don't want to upload screenshots that are irrelevant.

    All you can do in this situations is be as open as possible, don't delete public comments, let others know what's going on and when appropriate, report abusers to Flippa.

    Not accepting this bidder's bids was the right thing to do, though. You should only accept bids from peoplewhom you feel comfortable to work with and who seem legitimate, as otherwise your auction may end up having a little bit higher top bid than it would otherwise, but at the same time there's a good chance of the sale falling through completely or you having to go through a proper nightmare dealing with the buyer.
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    yes people take 6 months earnings and traffic in to account but wait for some time you might get more biddings at the end of auction.You have created site and selling it in 2 months so dont have much big history for the site
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    The 6 months time is the minimum for assessing a website so better stick to the norms they have there at Flippa.