What Did I Do Wrong?? *Frustrated w/ Odesk Programmers for my Social Networking Endeavors

Discussion in 'Social Networking Sites' started by palmtrees, Oct 29, 2012.

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    ok so in case you guys arent familiar there is a site called imd b *no wpqd3* where each profile [producer,movie,etc.] is given a ranking. the higher your number the more exposure you will get.

    i am producing an indie film and i am wanting for it to go up in rank, all i need to do really is to send as many unique hits to my profile as possible and my ranking will go up.

    i hired some indian guy off o desk to do this for me and he had the bot scrape elite proxies from hidemya55 and then once those proxies were scraped i could then enter in a url for my profile and click on "start" and the bot would run its course. after each run, the bot would refresh its list of proxies to get the freshest batch. the problem is the bot is a piece of cr.a.p. although it has a counter of how many hits it would do (it did about a couple thousand a day) my starmeter BARELY went up which means the bot was simply not working.

    i know of a couple people who are able to boost their meters regularly each week by using a bot. so my question is what did i do wrong? why is it that my bot failed?

    and does anyone on this forum know how to program or code a bot that would actually work correctly for the purposes that i need?
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    search bhw, "intelligent traffic"
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    Those proxies alone could be causing you problems. I'm sure most of their ip's are banned by all kinds of sites. Check out some of the proxy providers in the sales area. You can get up to date proxy lists for $10 a month.
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    from my experience the hidemya55 public proxies are lousy because by the time they show up there they've already been on other public proxy lists for a while and are probably already banned. I use public proxies from a combination of mr.hinkydink, xroxy and proxy-list org (the one with the captcha). From these lists i get some good proxies that work with the things I need (like google searches). Also I've had good luck with a pre-checked list of public proxies that is maintained by a company called proxynexus net (but they charge a monthly fee for this hourly-updated list).

    Next thing to consider is, should your score thingy actually go up for direct linking or should you be hitting it via a referrer? If the latter has to happen then you can probably fake a referrer header. Also is the bot making all the requests it needs to make to create a proper page impression on the target site, like is it something super simple that just loads the url of your profile or does it load all the images in the page, scripts, etc? Depending on how the site is set up it might be quite demanding in terms of how fully featured the user-agent that requests the page must be in order for it to count as something that can up your score.