What can Neteller be used for?


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Mar 27, 2009
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Hello Guys,

I have a Neteller Account and i see we can create VCC from neteller. So, for what purpose can i use these VCC's. Can i sell them and earn some money or they are used for some other purposes.

Please help

Thanking you
you can create vcc's with them ... but most of places their vcc's are known like '' vcc's'' :) and they aren't worth too much ... mostly neteller it's just a secure merchant for gambling sites ... hence their high level of security ....
Thanks for replying.

And what about entropay??

please let me know

thanking you
same thing ... same story .... they are into gambling industry also , they have only virtual visas but most of the places where they can be used got already abused by those dogs ... :).... My honest advice .... IF you aren't know too much from that field , or you don't have something '' new '' don't even think to jump on such bizz ... it's like shooting yourself on the foot lol . And to be honest ... everyone with more than 2 cell brains alive can find what they are looking for on google lol ..... IF you need a bizz model this days you really have to come with something '' new '' not aged years old stuff's .... from vcc's bizz none aren't making much money .... I have a friend an indian guy who worked on this area for years he just quited to sell on public just because isn't anymore profitable ... it's not worth even to have 1 single indian employee to keep this sale thing up ....
only using for gambling sites. and vcc for deposit.
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