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    Hey guys. I've been reading this forum for days. I got tons of useful info, as I am new to SEO. I'm sick and tired of washing dishes, so I invested my last 100$ and I started a wordpress website re-selling shirts. As you know, all I get is like 1 unique visitor each day. I've been commenting on niche blogs for the past week with no result. Google doesn't index half of my sitemap and I'm so broke, I can't afford buying any piece of software, like scrapebox.

    I'm really hanging at the end of my rope here and I would welcome some sort of advice/support - what to do to drive traffic and get better ranks, when you are flat-broke.

    Thank you guys... and please, no need to be sarcastic, I'm feeling pretty down already.
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    You probably need to start doing a lot more site promotion.

    I read a thread awhile back from one of the Exec VIPs on here. He made a point that he likes to differentiate between onsite and offsite SEO. Onpage optimization factors like meta tags, content, page design. etc, is Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Offpage factors like article submissions, bookmarking, blog commenting, and any other backlink building should be called Search Engine Promotion (SEP). Seperating the two in your mind can really help you alot for getting traffic to your site.

    To understand what you need to do for Search Engine Promotion, you first need to understand what regular Site Promotion really is. Site Promotion is nothing more than advertising your website so that other people can find it. If there was no search engines then you'd have to go to all the popular websites that people like to visit and post some kind of advertisement telling people to come visit your site. A larger more detailed advertisement would be to write an article or review and post it with a link back to your page. This would be equivalent of companies getting a write up in print magazines. A banner advertisement would be the equivalent of a roadside billboard sign. A smaller bumper sticker type advertisement would be just having a good anchor text for your link in a blog comment.

    So then what is the difference between Site Promotion and Search Engine Promotion? Almost nothing, exept that Site Promotion is done with the actual intention of getting real visitors to see the advert and visit your site. The links that you make for that purpose, usually are also some of the best links as far as the search engines concerned also. Search Engine Promotion doesn't care if anyone will actually ever bother looking at the advert, you just want the search engine to see that it's there. The search engine bases its indexing in large part on how well a website is advertised. That's what the big deal is about having a lot of backlinks.

    OK so how does this help answer your question? Well if you don't have a big budget to just start blasting out thousands of backlinks a day, then you need to be smart about where to start.

    First thing you need to do is make sure to do your SEO when you set up your site. Wordpress makes this pretty easy so most of it should already be done if you filled in all the boxes when you set it up. Make sure you have a good title, and description. Change the permalink structure to /%category%/%postname%/ or some other friendly url structure.
    If you want to do even more optimization you can get the All In One SEO or some similar plugin.

    Once you have the SEO done on your weppabes, then you need to start working on the SEP. When you first start your backlinking campaign you should start your SEP by going after a lot of the Site Promotion techniques that might actually get some real visitors clicking on your ads. Write some GOOD articles and submit to the article directories. Go to Yahoo Answers and find questions in which your website is the answer. Go to other answer type forums and do the same thing. Make some Facebook profiles, add some friends and then make some wall posts with your link. Upload some videos to Youtube and include links back to your page in the comments. Go onto high traffic blogs specifically about your niche and leave well written comments including your link.

    The list of places to advertise goes on and on. Just think about anyplace that might actually have visitors that your page is targeted for and go make a small advertisement. All this site promotion you do will ALL count toward the SEP for your site. The search engines will find those links. As you start running out of ideas on where to promote your site where people might actually see the ad, then just continue your efforts with just the search engine crawlers in mind. Keep making comments on blogs, forums, profiles, etc. even if they aren't high traffic.

    I can't say how well you're site will convert in that niche, but one thing you know for sure, if no one visits then your won't have any sales. Get out there and start promoting that site. Track down where all those customers are hanging out, go there and tell them to come visit your store.
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